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Indigo Creative ​Solutions

Supporting authors in the business behind the pen.

Supporting authors in the business behind the pen.

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What We Do

Creative ​Administrative ​Support

Creators are unique people with ​unique needs. We will manage ​your back-end so that you can ​maintain your focus. Newsletters ​to publish? Sales trends to ​watch? ARC groups to manage? ​Indigo Creative Solutions is ​dedicated to your peace of mind. ​We guarantee satisfaction in ​producing, maintaining, and ​suppor​ting your creative needs.



When you have a book to write, ​every task outside of putting pen ​to paper can be overwhelming. ​Indigo Creative Solutions is here ​to support you from inception to ​publishing, and even after. ​Whether it is assistance with​ reserch & outlining, querying,​ marketing or anything in between,​ we will create a strategy and​ execu​te the ultimate author plan.

Social Media Management

Advertisement is king! Indigo ​Creative Solutions will create ​sleek, attractive content tailored ​to your brand to amplify the voice ​of your business in this digital ​age. We will research, create, ​schedule, and archive your ​content. We will also review ​analytics to monitor the ​performance. Includes captions ​and hashtags.

Say goodbye to burn ​out, and hello to better ​writing.

Dedicated author support from on ​Online ​Service Provider

Your focus should be on world building and ​character development. Allow Indigo Creative ​Solutions to provide total support for all ​facets o​f the business behind your creativity.

Do you need an OSP for your business?

Chances are, if you have to ask, then yes. If ​you lose valuable hours on repetitive tasks or ​back-end processes that keep you from your ​core work, an author assistant can provide a​mazing supp​ort.

Can you afford an OSP?

Yes! We offer tiered levels of service created ​to​ fit your budget.

The Benefits of an OSP

Improved ETA, quality ​of customer service ​and other outsourced ​tasks

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78% of savings since no operating expenses are required

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Up to 40+ hours per month of time given back to dedicate to your core work.

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Tiers of Service







30 Hours Per Month

40 Hours Per Month

20 Hours Per Month

Open Book




Packages can be tailored slightly to fit your unique business needs. Administrative and social media management packages are separate, ask how to combine.

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What My Clients Receive

  • Effective Communication
  • Measurable Results
  • Support of your ​projects from ​inception to ​publishing
  • Attractive content
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Hiring Indigo Virtual Solutions for my social media marketing has been a Godsend! People make social media look so easy, but posting on multiple platforms while running a business has never made my priority list. What was I thinking??? After only one month of your services my business had DOUBLED! I can’t wait to see what one year brings! Thank you for all that you do. I look forward to a long-term business relationship with your company.



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Ooltewah, TN

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